Hyperthermia is the fourth pillar in the treatment of cancer, together with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It has been approved, as a method, by the National Organization for Medicines. 

It is implemented in the Center of Hyperthermia of the Interbalkan Medical Center, just like in the biggest international oncology centers, in order to shield cancer patients.

Hyperthermia is a form of multifaceted medical treatment, during which the tumor tissue is exposed to elevated temperatures, aiming to destroy the cancer cells by taking advantage of the synergistic action of chemotherapy and radiation. This therapy is simple and completely painless. Hyperthermia does not reduce, annul or obstruct in any way the aforementioned methods. On the contrary, most scientific studies prove that the combination of hyperthermia, chemotherapy and radiation have a synergistic effect, with excellent results for length of quality of the patient's life.